Thursday, February 08, 2007

Appointments appointments appointments

So... for all you followers on the life o' Kiernan - her is an update after our appointment with the pediatrician this afternoon.

She thinks that he does have reflux. SHe also thinks that he has a lot of allergies. She thinks that the combination of these two things is what is causing the problems.

What to do about it? She started out by prescribing a new kind of medication for him. It's adult medication though, and it comes in capsules. So we're going to have to break open these capsules and mix the powder into apple sauce. So guess who gets to start solids tomorrow morning?? It's not how I thought we would choose what to give him as his first solid, or when, but c'est la vie.

She is also concerned about his eczema and his allergies. So we are going to go for an appointment with a pediatric allergist. She is going to make it a rush thing, so it hopefully won't be long until we have our appointment. Then we'll know what he's allergic to. It will be good information for when we start solids and I think it may end up affecting what I'm allowed to eat. That being said, I have a feeling that I might be able to start eating foods I was cutting myself off from like broccoli and cauliflower and the other possible gassy foods.

She didn't seem remotely surprised or concerned when we told her about K's throwing up from the soy formula. She just said it's not that uncommon for babies who can't tolerate milk to not be able to tolerate soy either. So she gave us a sample of a formula that has neither. She also said it's ridiculously expensive and tastes horrible. So... we'll see if Kiernan will deign to drink it

She also said that the fussiness he's been having while eating is typical of a baby with reflux. I just said he was fussy and she described how so that made me feel a) sad that he's probably fussing because he has heartburn b) happy because it will probably improve as we figure out the problem.

On top of the appointment with the allergist, she wants him to go to CHEO to have a chest xray to rule out anything else going on in there, and for some blood work. That should be a joy ;)

So I think that's it. Stay tuned for photos of Kiernan having his first solids tomorrow, and keep your fingers crossed that the new medication helps.

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