Thursday, February 01, 2007

Baby sign

Last night Eric and I went to a workshop on baby sign - it was really great!

We learned a bunch of basic signs like eat, drink, more, stop, etc and we also learned a bunch of songs that have signs to go along with them. We'll be using American Sign Language so in theory, Kiernan would be learning another language he could in theory use in the future. The teacher was saying her 4 year old still uses it because he has a younger sibling who also uses it so that reinforces the learning for more years.

The only hurdle could be that some kids really don't take to signing. It offends their sensibilities that you should require them to sign to you when you obviously understand what they're trying to tell you. hehe. I can imagine Kiernan could possibly that type of child ;)

This morning we were singing some of the songs to him and signing and he seems really fascinated so we'll start with that. I sing to him all the time anyways to try to entertain him, so I'll just do ones with signs. This is the introductory stage though, we won't actually ask him to sign back to us until he's at least 7-8 months old.


Jenny Blattman said...

I've been signing a few basics signs to Ryan for a while now... he hasn't signed back yet. But I'm pretty sure he understands "all done", "more" and "good". Oh and I'm working on "yummy" too.

Nuzzy said...

I don't think i'm allowed to comment but I will anyways :)

Jacob learned some sign language in his first daycare and by watching Baby Einstein Wordsworth, and he used to use it a lot for things like 'milk' 'please' 'thank you' etc. and it was a great way to communicate! It never occurred to me that signing for little kids is a great idea, so good on you guys for looking into it :)