Saturday, February 03, 2007


I swear Kiernan says hi, and has been for months :) It's his first word - I've decided!

The other thing he does, which isn't quite as endearing, is that he is constantly gagging himself when he is sucking on his hands and fingers. When is he going to put those two together?? Or is it simply that he doesn't care. Ya, I know it does that. Who cares?

Things have been relatively well since K got his shots on Thursday. Yesterday morning he took a nap for over two hours! And then another one for 45 minutes! So the naps were definitely longer. But he's also been crankier, and last night he was up a lot.

The night wakings seem to all blend together. I can tell you if he was up a lot, or not so much, but rarely how many times or at what time. :P

We still don't have an appointment with the pediatrician which is really upsetting me. I really want to see this woman as soon as possible because all of Kiernan's tummy issues stress me out. That being said, we bought the kind of formula that Eric gave K when I had the stomach flu months ago, and that he didn't throw up. So I think we're going to try that today. It's formula from concentrate as opposed to the powder stuff so hopefully he'll tolerate it. It sucks when you could be about to make your baby really sick for the rest of the day :(

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