Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Our little vampire

So moms that know* agree that Kiernan does in fact seem to be teething. Funny thing is that it isn't one of the usual first teeth. It seems to be one or two over to the right on the top. Eric and I have joked that we hope that isn't supposed to be his front tooth - but we both have a lot of crooked teeth in our families so we probably should knock on wood or something. :) So it's that or he's a vampire and his fangs are coming in first. hehe

Kiernan has continued to be a good napper. This morning he napped for 50 minutes and anything over 45 minutes is a celebration!! He plays better on his own, he sleeps better, I'm a happy mama! It just figures that just as we figure out all these tummy issues that he starts teething and that he's in pain from that. We got these fun chewing on teething thingies that you put food into for them to chew on and it comes out of these mesh bags slowly, but since Kiernan isn't really on solids yet I don't have anything to put into it. I tried putting a small wet baby face cloth inside but it was too big. We do plan to start rice cereal tomorrow or Thursday though so maybe we aren't too far off having something to put into the bags. For future teeth :)

AND, we put together the high chair last night. We want to start having dinner all together soon... even if it's just his dinner, to get him used to meal time being at the table. I knew this time would come - the time when Eric and i didn't get to eat our dinner in front of the tv every night and we would have to get our crap off the table. haha.

*moms with children who have already been through teething :)

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