Sunday, February 11, 2007

They change so fast!

Kiernan does so many new things so quickly - it blows my mind. He is now sitting!! He can sit for almost 5 minutes straight and catches himself as he starts to tip. Sometimes when he's more tired he doesn't last as long- but still - he's doing so well! And he doesn't get particularly upset when he falls which is good - hopefully that will continue when he learns to crawl and walk.
He's also reaching for things as of this weekend. He would grab things close to him before, but now he'll try to lean over to get something that he wants.
And he's also started sucking his thumb sometimes. Instead of trying to cram his entire fist down his throat, gagging himself with fingers pointed right to the back of his throat, he gets just his thumb in there. He gnaws on it about half the time instead of sucking, but it's still very cute :)

As for medication updates... he's starting to be a bit better about taking the applesauce, although not significantly so. He's fartier and not sleeping well at night, but he's spitting up less again and maybe seems less tired? I don't know. OVerall, it seems worse than he was before. But we're going to wait it out until Monday or Tuesday to assess and if it still seems worse we might call the pediatrician for advice.

Friday I was at the mall with Kiernan and a bit bored, so i took him into the photo booth for a mini photo shoot. He was... confused. ;)

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