Sunday, February 04, 2007

We're done!

So yesterday morning we made formula again. We bought the stuff that Eric had given Kiernan when I had the stomach flu since he didn't throw up when he had that. Eric tried to give him the bottle - he wouldn't even suck once. A bit fell into his mouth so he spit it out. 2.5 hours later, he started throwing up. It's incredible... how many drops must have actually gotten into his stomach? Barely any! So... we're not giving him formula again. We may discuss it with the pediatrician and see if she has a suggestion on something, but I'm not giving him soy again. He obviously can't have regular formula since his system flat out rejected me having even a bit of dairy last weekend, so that leaves only the super expensive goat's milk type formulas and I just think - never mind! :P
I will just pump when I can and store up enough so that I can go out for one or two feedings a week. My poor sensitive tummied boy.

Speaking of which, we now have to put a bib on Kiernan in the jolly jumper because he jumps so violently and makes himself spit up. He loves it so much that we figure it's worth a bit of spit up. hehe


Vicky said...

That sounds horrible! Poor Kiernan! Hopefully he will outgrow these allergies when he gets a bit older. Just think of how great it will be when you finally get to have dairy again! What will it be first? Cheese? Ice cream?

Lindsey said...

Oh man Lara! I should get you to talk with my cousin, her little guy got diagnosed with acid reflux, which supposedly they grow out of, or gets better when they can have solid food, but I'll have to tell her you're going through the same thing! Hang in there darlin', you'll all find something that works! (other then the jolly jumper!) =)