Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Update post

The one thing I hate about blogging is trying to come up with a catchy title for my posts. I suck at it. Sorry ;)

So... medication update. Sunday night was horrible. Awful. Unbearable.
Kiernan was in agony... so much painful gas. He was crying, and crying hard, for a good portion of the night. Usually, as long as someone is holding him he can be calmed a fair amount, but not Sunday night. In the end, we had to let him get up and play on the floor. The squirming, bending, moving, etc seemed to help get the gas out. Regardless, the only sleep he got that night were a couple of hours in our bed and a couple of stints in the rocking chair in our arms, but even then we had to use the hair dryer to get him to sleep. Anyhow, it was awful and Eric and I felt like zombies the next day.

So Monday I called the pediatrician's office and was like "ok, is this right??" and her answer was "absolutely not!" yay. We don't have to wait this out for some 5-6 weeks of time until it works or some such horribleness. So after some discussion we decided to try Kiernan on two doses a day of this new medication, theory being that he seemed better during the day, but awful at night, and since he was getting the medicine in the morning maybe it was just wearing off by night? So we've been doing that for two evenings, and it's working! Last night he woke up only twice!! at 11 and 2:30. Unfortunately the mama was in bad shape and Eric had to wake me up several times while feeding to convince me I was not feeding Kiernan since I was holding him with his soother in his mouth and that I should come back to bed. Oh, and that if I did need to feed him more I should feed him with breastmilk (I apparently wasn't clear on what I should be feeding him). Ahhh total exhaustion rocks ;)

So that's the medicine situation. Yesterday Eric and I took K to CHEO to have the tests the pediatrician wanted done. First we went to XRAY. We were in and out in 10 minutes and overall it was a pretty good experience. He was put in a contraption just like the one my sister-in-law had warned me to expect. He was put on a bicycle seat looking thing and then we held his arms in the air while the technician brought this clear plastic cylinder around him and velcroed it shut. Kiernan didn't particularly enjoy it, but he's used to being swaddled and doesn't enjoy that on a multiple time a day basis so his whining/crying didn't upset us too much. Eric and I got to stay with him, wearing our xray proof aprons, so it was overall not too bad.
Then we spent almost 2 hours waiting to have blood tests done. BLAH! There was a backlog because they had been closed the previous day, and they take people by priority, not order so Kiernan got bumped a bunch of times. But in the end, it was well worth it I think. The nurse who drew his blood was fabulous and the experience was SO much less traumatic (for me) than I expected. He cried as she put in the needle, but just for a second, and then she talked to him and distracted him with a toy on the wall while she got enough blood. I was impressed with how easily it went!
This morning Kiernan, my mom and I are off to see the pediatric allergist and then we'll be stopping in to see his pediatrician again. I feel like we're hopefully getting somewhere - yay! My mother will be able to help give a lot of my background with food allergies too, could be very helpful. That and I'm glad not to have to go to all these appointments alone. As optimistic as I am about it all, it's been really tough to realize that Kiernan has a lot more going on than just being a fussy baby and the support helps me get through it all.

Oh! And Kiernan likes the applesauce now. Yay. He's too cute eating :)

Anyhoo... go vote for cutest baby in red. Today is the last day. :)

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