Monday, February 19, 2007

Is this what it feels like to not feel like death in the morning?

Kiernan is doing so much better! We are consistently getting so much more sleep at night (all 3 of us) that I feel like we may actually be catching up a bit. Kiernan is still up several times a night, but it's been going pretty well. This morning he slept until 7!! YAY!

Other good news is that he seems to be eating more now that his tummy doesn't hurt anymore and we swear his cheeks have already started filling out from it. He still has a lot more calm moments than he used to have.

Some not so great news is that he is fighting REALLY hard against the formula. So far in the 3 times we've given it to him he hasn't been willing to take more than half an ounce. We'll keep trying since the possibility exists that he will have to stay away from milk and soy until he is 2 or 3 and me being the sole provider of his milk products until then does not sound like an option I would like to go with. The boy knows what he wants and what he doesn't want - that's for sure!

I also wonder if he might have started teething. He cries a bit more often now, instead of being his usual Sir Screams a Lot, and there is a big white lump where I would imagine the tooth to the right of his righthand big tooth would be. So we'll see.

I've started trying to learn how to use my fancy camera as more than a point and shoot. Composition, natural lighting and all that crap :) I do afterall have a lot of ideas for things to scrapbook. Here is a photo of Kiernan as I see him so often but wasn't the most obvious picture to try to get.

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