Friday, February 23, 2007


So this morning we started rice cereal and it went really well! I expected the disgusted look - the one we get when we try to give him formula, but he just ate away. One teaspoon of cereal mixed with one tablespoon of liquid made a lot more food than he's used to though so he didn't quite finish it all. Still, I was really impressed!!

So now I'm confused. I have this guide from the city on how to feed a baby solids but I'm not sure how I up the amount. Do I give him cereal in the evenings next? Vegetables at lunch next and then cereal at dinner after that? I need precise instruction here!! gah!

Otherwise, things are still going pretty well. Kiernan is getting up a bit more in the night than he was for awhile, but averaging about 3 times a night which isn't bad. I still need to figure out how not to spend hours asleep in the glider every night, but that's a whole other issue. I've also started a bad habit of bringing K into bed with us in the mornings. Hopefully it won't bite us in the ass later on, but to be honest, I enjoy having him there with us, and it seems to sometimes give us a bit of extra sleep. He manages to sleep without being swaddled as tightly when he's with us too so if he's unswaddled himself I just bring him to bed instead of waking him up completely and having him scream his head off as we re-swaddle him.

We're getting a lot of comments about how much better he looks now! This is great! He's looking better - he's really filling out, and I'm trying not to dwell on the fact that he must have looked gaunt before ;)


Lindsay said...

They sell a really good organic whole grain brown rice cereal at Rainbow Foods, and if you're looking for a good reference book I can lend you Super Baby Food - I used it when I was introducing foods to both boys. It's a little crazy and anti-meat, but the general info is good.

Lara said...

We gave him PC Organic rice cereal since the ingredients were rice and iron which seemed a lot better than some of the ones with a zillion ingredients. But I'll have to check out Rainbow foods and borrow that book!

Vicky said...

Kiernan was always an adorable and extremely cute baby. He's just MORE adorable and cute now that he's feelig better :)