Thursday, February 08, 2007

Oh what a night!

Last night Kiernan went down at 7 and fussed a bit but we didn't hear ANYTHING from him again until midnight! No soother replacements - nothing! Then he woke up again at 3 to eat, fine. I fed him, he went back down NO PROBLEM. Then he was up around 6:15 and was up. Also ok. He ate, played, Eric hung out with him, and put him back down just before 8. He woke up from his nap at 9:30 almost. WIthout us having to put him back down 3 times, without a soother replacement. He just slept! And now screaming painful gas last night!
Wow! I loves it!!
So. The question is... is it because we propped up the bed even further after a particularly awful night the night before last? Is it because he was so tired from not sleeping the night before last? Is it because I ate things that agreed with his system better? Is it because we put a blanket under him to make his bed softer because his grandmother tried that during naps yesterday and he slept well so we decided to try it at home? Or is it the most likely? We have the appointment with the pediatrician today so of course all symptoms will disappear until after the appointment so that she will have no idea how to help him. ;)

My engagement ring now fits! Woohoo! Woohoo! Bets will now be taken on how long it will take until I end up scratching Kiernan with it and have to take it off because of that ;) Still... feels fabulous to have it back on! My real wedding ring doesn't fit yet... but one step at a time :)

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