Friday, April 20, 2007

change change change

I often forget how quickly things change and how I can never expect that something that is one way is going to stay that way.

For example, Kiernan wouldn't take a bottle for the longest time. Had I just decided that he didn't take a bottle then and never would, then he wouldn't take a bottle now - which he does. So why did I think that just because he would only accept one kind of bottle when he started taking bottles that that would always be the case?? I think he'd probably drink from any bottle now, as long as it has breast milk in it. And the bottles we have been giving him are very slow flow. So Sir Chats a lot feels the need to tell you stories while drinking his milk. Apparently on a slow flow bottle that can take 45 minutes for 3 oz. Good grief!

So last night K-man was SUPER hungry and for the first time ever, I felt like I didn't have enough milk to give him (I'd pumped about an hour earlier but that doesn't usually make that much of a difference). Anyhow, we ended up giving him what I'd pumped in an avent bottle. He drank it all in 3 minutes flat. Hm. Maybe I shouldn't have been turning down free avent bottles and giving away ones I got for free after all. oops

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Airen said...

Hahahaha cute story.