Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sir Yells Really Loud

Kiernan has found his voice. Well, we (and he) always knew he had a voice, but now instead of just really loud crying, we have really loud yelling!! He's REALLY good at being loud. But, he's happy and having fun. I will have to get a video, because when it's not being really annoying, it's actually very funny.

Have I mentioned yet that I got a new carrier a few weeks ago? It's a Kozy carrier and I'm really enjoying it. I can put Kiernan up on my back (with help until I've had a bit more practice) and he seems to be quite content to be up there for quite a long time. Today I had him up there for 30-45 minutes while we went grocery shopping and he just looked around, barely made a sound and then FELL ASLEEP. Sweet deal!

Finally, since I'm tired and not going to blog long, I will entertain you by sending you to a blog post that I found VERY amusing. Enjoy!


Lindsay said...

Oh my God, I'm sitting here with a runny nose and tears streaming down my face after reading that blog post about "Secret Agent Mom" and laughing hysterically. I tried to read it out loud to Russ and barely made it through. You said some people get paid to write these things? She should definitely get paid for that or have it published somewhere, although I don't know any parenting magazine that would publish that kind of language...

Lida said...

Lindsay wrote exactly what I was just going to write! I can barely breathe and just about peed myself while trying to read it to Jim. This is the best laugh I've had in a long time.