Saturday, April 28, 2007


Kiernan has been chatting up a storm lately. Not only is he full of ba ba ba ba and da da da das, he seems to have created an é noise which I find quite amusing. déday or dédédédédé or daidai daidai are coming out all over the place. We're trying to associate it to Eric when he says dada or any of the daddy sound noises. It's super cute!

We're noticing tons of changes in him lately which is always fun. He can sit and play on the floor with toys for a good 15-40 minutes now sometimes! He no longer hates being on his stomach quite as much as he used to, we often find him on his tummy in the crib when we go in to get him, arching his back to look out over the top to see us. And he's been lasting 3-4 hours between naps quite well. We may be able to downgrade a nap (or two if he would just sleep a little bit longer during the naps he's having). He tried chicken for the first time, mixed with sweet potatoes, and gobbled it up. So that's good.

And he just gets cuter and cuter and cuter every day! :)

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