Tuesday, April 24, 2007


OK, so there's only one prize, but its a $25 gift certificate to Chapters. We're going to do a draw of the people who answered our business idea survey and one lucky winner will get the prize! WOohoo!

Here's the link again. If you've already filled it out and entered your email address, you're automatically entered. If you filled it out without your email address... email me and I'll believe you ;) Send it to all your friends.

Go go go!!


Lindsay said...

Does it count that I filled out the first survey that was sent out? Because my frigging computer won't let me fill out the ones you sent after, amongst countless other things it won't let me do (after defragmenting the hard drive...sigh). I'm trying to pass them on too, but it's hard when you can't send emails :(

Lara said...

Yup! If you replied, you're entered. Hopefully the whole computer issues will get figured out soon.