Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mommy, that's gross

I've been trying to make my own baby food as much as possible. It's cheaper, it's fresh, and I assumed, tastier.
Not so says my dear Kiernan when I made him peas. He LOVED peas from a jar. I made them and, admittedly, I think I did it wrong and they weren't pureed enough, so he made all kinds of gagging noises and spit it all out. Fine. So I ran it all through a sieve. He ate it, but only with his daddy tricking him into opening his mouth - he certainly wasn't enjoying it. Oh well, at least I make good applesauce ;)

I want to start him on meat soon. I feel like I'm doing this whole food thing without a plan and wonder if I should have a better one. Right now, if it says 6 months + on the jar, I figure I'm good to go. So I think Kiernan is going to try mixed vegetables and turkey today or tomorrow. Sounds delish n'est-ce-pas? Then I'll have to figure out how to make pureed meat myself. THAT sounds gross. But I really want to make sure Kiernan doesn't start expecting EVERYTHING he eats to be sweet. I bet he get's his father's family's skinny genes anyways so it probably doesn't matter that much. I figure we're saving my fat genes for a girl. ;)

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Airen said...

You never cease to amuse - uh, I mean, amaze - me!