Friday, April 06, 2007

Dats a fun baby!

Someone I was recently talking told me that six months old was one of her very favourite ages for children. She said "they're so interactive, and they can't walk or crawl yet!"

I have to agree, that it's great! Kiernan has been so much fun lately. First of all, he LOVES EVERYBODY! He see you and he just gets this ear to ear grin and makes his "I love you" sound. It is oddly like a high pitched, not so growly or scary, frankenstein sound :) It's VERY cute, and it's so fabulous that he's so happy so much of the time!

He's able to do so many more things. He knows where you've moved things to, he can get his soother back in his mouth by himself, and he can self entertain for so much longer than he used to be able to. And he can make his wah wah wah sound all by himself! (I still need to get a video of that)

He's such a joy, and he LOVES LOVES LOVES, the remote control, the phone, and the computer. He is FAR more interested in any of those than in his toys.

We're taking a bit of a roadtrip this weekend. It's going to be his first time sleeping all night away from home, and hopefully it will go well. I barely took any photos this week (bad mom) so I will be trying to make up for that this weekend :)

Happy Easter long weekend!!

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