Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sweet sleep

Kiernan has been sleeping a bit better lately *knock on wood*. Last night I got 4.5 hours straight. It was nice :)

He still has a cough from the cold he had a month ago though, so yesterday we went to see the doctor to make sure nothing was wrong. She thinks that since there is a history of asthma in the family that it is possible he will have a tendency to get these lingering coughs after a cold. She prescribed him an inhalor to use for a few weeks to see if it helps *sigh* So we went and bought it, along with this fancy gizmo for getting a baby to use an inhalor and we'll try using it. Hopefully he won't have asthma where he'll have to use it daily forever or anything.

While we were there, she gave us our usual birth control lecture, but what I found interesting was that she even wondered if we'd been scared off of having any other children because of all the problems Kiernan has had. Never once did I think we wouldn't have another. It's been hard, but, not in a way that wasn't all worthwhile for the fabulousness that is Kiernan - even if it doesn't feel that way every minute of every day ;) But I have to admit, there is something that makes me feel a bit better when I hear that Kiernan is a harder than average baby to deal with (in terms of his crying, not sleeping, tummy issues) and that most people don't go through this. I'm not sure if it's just that we may not end up having to go through this next time, or just makes me feel like an acknowledgment of what we've gone through and that we weren't just wusses to feel like it was difficult.

As for next babies, before he/she is even born I will be going back on this restricted diet and we're going to work backwards. Hopefully if they have any of the same problems, it'll never get as bad as it did for K because their tummy/system won't get worn down before we figure it out. And maybe they'll be used to sleeping instead of awake all the time and accept it as an acceptable practice for the future. ha ha.

It's a fabulous day outside - we're going to go hit some garage sales! woohoo!

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