Saturday, May 26, 2007

BC and Alberta trip, days 9 and 10

We've been home over 4 days now and I still haven't gotten around to blogging about the end of our trip. But there were enough eventful happenings that I can't get away with NOT writing about it. So here we got, our last two days :)

On our last full day in Edmonton, we wanted to do something touristy that we thought Kiernan would also enjoy. So we went to the zoo!

Kiernan was generally more interested in the people at the zoo than the actual animals :)

Guanaco! (matching daddy and baby faces)

I really wanted to go on the train ride at the zoo. Apparently this is the lame train ride that they have for this year as they renovate the nice train, but it was fun :)

Downtown Edmonton:

The CN tower :)

We had to wake up at 4 am on Wednesday morning to make it to the airport 90 minutes ahead of time, as recommended by airlines if you're flying with an infant. We took longer than we thought and only managed to check out of the hotel at about 5:05. As I'm checking out I casually ask "are there any Tim Horton's on the way to the airport?" and the desk clerk says "which airport?"
At which point I freeze. Which airport? Which AIRPORT!?? Oh boy, this is going to be bad. We looked up airport and found one about 15 minutes away, we figured that was it. Nope, I find out the airport WE want to be at is actually 40 minutes away. And we have to get there, return the rental, check in, get to our gate and board the plane in under 90 minutes. GAHHH!
Here's the photo we got of our hotel through the truck window as we rushed out of the parking lot, no time for any nice posing!!

View of the city during our rush to the airport.

So we made it to the airport, returned the truck and made it onto our flight- we even had a whole row to ourselves from Edmonton to Winnipeg. Kiernan was fabulous and I just strapped him to me in Winnipeg to rush over to our flight from Winnipeg to Ottawa which we were pretty much just in time to board for. When we got to the gate we were pre-checked in by the flight attendant and asked to wait while some passengers de-planed; others were staying on the flight to continue on to Ottawa. So we're standing with a bunch of older couples, generally with one of the people in a wheel chair and this woman says to me "he's so cute, how old is he?"
Lara "8 months old"
Lady, in a slightly hushed voiced "my granddaughter gained 60 lbs when she had her baby and hasn't been able to get it off, now she's obese"
Lara "..."
Lady "It's really worth it to get the weight off after having had a baby, and you're a pretty girl"
Lara "uhhh uh huh" *blink*
Lady "it's the carbs that do it. I know it's more expensive to eat healthy, but it's really worthwhile"
Lara "uhh. ya"
Lady with a non-sequitor "So what end of town do you live in? We live in blah blah neighbourhood. It was a great to bring up kids in, we have a great big yard"
Lara "oh ya, that's a nice neighbourhood"
Lady "kids today don't want big yards, they want small yards because they don't want to have to take care of a yard"
Lara "well, I think the yards are smaller because developers try to fit more houses onto the land"
Lady "no, it's because kids today don't want to take care of their property"
Lara "uhh..." *blink*
Thankfully this is when we got called to board the plane and Eric (who'd been standing sort of behind us the whole time) says "did I hear what I think I just heard??"
Um ya, WTF, as if some lady just randomly told me I was fat and all young people are too lazy to take care of a yard. I mean, it's not like we LOVE to take care of our lawns, but seriously! eesh! And don't call me fat lady! good grief.

Ok, back to our trip.
This only worked for about 2 minutes, but overall, Kiernan was an amazing on airplanes.

Drannie met us at the airport and took us home. It's nice to be back in our own beds! And Kiernan re-adapted to being in his crib amazingly considering he got to essentially sleep with mom, or mom and dad, instead of being alone, for almost two weeks.

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Anonymous said...

was so in shock about the lady calling you fat and all young people lazy that I read that part of your blog out loud to Jay and Josh. Josh is the strong silent type, but he seemed a bit affronted. Jay was offended on your behalf. WTF?!?