Monday, May 07, 2007


Goodbye to the days when:
- you could leave diapers on the change table
- you could dress or change your baby without flipping him back onto this back 15 times
- you could expect to find your baby where you left him
- your baby lay there and drank his milk without kicking you in the arm - on purpose, even if you move it, he finds it, and kicks, hard!
- you had to constantly entertain your baby because he couldn't entertain himself
- you were afraid to leave your baby with anyone because you didn't want them to experience the frequent FREAKOUTS!
- you constantly felt helpless

My baby is growing up, and it's really fun :)


Paul N said...

Hehehe, yeeees indeed!
While the first half/year is interesting and new, the second half / second year are an entirely different story. Then, wait until he is 2 and you find out the 'terrible 2s' is just like they say... ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes he is. And it sounds like fun.