Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bc days 3 and 4

Wednesday morning, after breakfast and sending Eric off to his conference, Kiernan and I set out to find some waterfalls I read about on the map. I found signs and roads to follow quite easily. As I followed the signs the road got smaller and smaller. If I thought Tuesday's deserted road was remote feeling this one beat it by a zillion. I realized that we were climbing higher and higher into the mountain, that the road had turned to dirt, that there was still SNOW on the road, that it was melting, that it was making the road more of a mud road, and that to the right of me was a precipice. I got really nervous (I think this might have been when I went for my tim horton's coffee only to discover they'd put milk in it!) and was VERY glad to be driving a 4-wheel drive truck. I don't think a car would have made it. And there was nowhere to turn around!!!

We finally get to the top! I don't think this is a waterfall, let alone two. Where are my waterfalls!??!!
I turned around in what might have been a parking lot but looked more like a mud hole and went back down the treacherous mountain.

On our way back down the mountain I saw something that seemed a little less dangerous we could spend our day doing (is it awful that I pulled over to take this picture amusing myself by knowing I would post it here saying just that?)

After our adventure I was up for something a little tamer. We took a stroll around Smithers "BC's little Switzerland"

Kiernan in Smithers (it's hard to take pictures of him when he's always strapped to me ;)

Eric's favourite Smithers sign.

After lunch Kiernan and I went for another drive. We decided to check out the village of Telkwa but the museum was closed and it didn't really seem to have anything to do with baby in tow. So we drove some more and I saw the signs for a BC national park so in I went. There was a lake so we got out and had a quick walk around. Here is Kiernan :)

Artsy shot:

It was a gorgeous lake.

When we got back from the provincial park I was SOOO sleepy and thought I'd get a coffee so I went to the hotel restaurant and got one. While I was in there the power went out so I decided to go and find Eric since I figured this would stop the conference.

At least if there's a blackout, I have my camera to entertain me. Kiernan and daddy while the meeting is adjourned until the power comes back on.

Guess what happened after I took this picture of Eric and Kiernan? My camera battery died. Guess what else? The power didn't come back on for 24 hours!! No power, no internet, no computer, no camera. AGACK!
There were many theories as to what happened. I had heard that a power tower washed into the river and also that a beaver cut down a tree. The official line from BC hydro is "animal getting into our equipment" Stupid animal. I'm sure he paid for it though.... sigh

This power outage was worse than the big blackout a few years ago. Everything was closed. There was nowhere to drive to where there was power. I knew nobody. SOOO boring. And the food situation was an issue. I made it through dinner ok when they were bbqing, but this morning continental breakfast of mostly baked goods with no ingredients to be had weren't any good (I had fruit salad and hard boiled eggs) and lunch was worse since the health inspector shut down the kitchen and I had chips. aie.

Fortunately the power came back on just before 4 (when they had predicted it would!) and the menu was a bit larger. Yay food! :) Weird food - but food.

The good news is that Eric's conference got sped up. They ran the whole thing all day on generators. They finished up and we'll be leaving Smithers tomorrow.... on to who knows what. Hopefully we'll have internet there, not having it sucked. That being said, having Eric to hang out with and do stuff with will probably be more fun and interesting that blogging to you folks ;) We'll see. The camera is recharged so there will be photos from day 5.


Vicky said...

Ooh the Rod and Gun Club! How exciting! You could have spent the day hunting beavers! Or are they a protected species? I hope no one gives me flak for that comment.

Paul N said...

Did you know the Bulkley Rod and Gun Club has recently purchased voice activated trap releases. They have indoor pistol shooting Monday evenings at 7:00, junior .22 at 6:20 on Tuesdays Archery Wednesdays and Thursday indoors in the winter at 7:00.

Danielle Bennett said...

Near John David's cottages, there is a motel called the Rod & Gun. Do you think there's a connection?