Sunday, May 20, 2007

BC/Alberta day 6

We started our morning in Prince George with some McDonalds' breakfast to eat in the truck and embarked on the most gorgeous day (scenery wise) of our entire trip. We took over 200 pictures this day - I had a really hard time choosing to post for this blog (which is why it took me so long to get this post online)

Photo ops at a rest stop.

Although the entire drive was gorgeous, the section between this rest stop and the end of Jasper National Park was the most breathtakingly beautiful scenery I can ever remember seeing.

We stopped for another picnic lunch in McBride, about an hour and a half before we hit Alberta.

The afternoon drive was often rainy, but still gorgeous.

We stopped for supper in Jasper. What a gorgeous little town!

"Hello, wanna be my friend?"

The animals in Jasper are obviously not afraid of people. We saw tons of wildlife on the sides of the roads.

This was the last, and my favourite picture from the day. Could you get any more breathtaking?

We drove on from Jasper to Edson, Alberta. I will spare you most of the details of how Kiernan screamed most of the way there instead of just going to sleep as we had expected. But we eventually made it to our hotel (around 11:30), despite the rain, the dark, and the freakout boy ;)

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Paul N said...

Jasper is great, from what I remember from my youth it was just as beautiful as Banff (are you going there? Thats a whole other story) but not nearly as over-run with tourists.

I am definitely enjoying your pics, not only do you have a cute family but the scenery is bringing me back to my youth. :)