Monday, May 28, 2007

How do they do it?

You know you're having a bad day when you're really really upset that your husband is leaving for work, convinced that he's thrilled to have the excuse to get the hell out of the house of screaming and feeling resentful that he won't stay home because family should come before work.

So be warned, I'm having a tough morning.

Kiernan has been crazy the last two days. Lots of inexplicable crying, sleeping really badly, if we can get him down at all. We feel like we've been fighting with him almost constantly for two days. This morning's nap lasted 10 minutes!!

I think he might be sick, but I'm basing that on the fact that Eric has been sick and my throat has started hurting. How long will it be until he can tell me what's wrong when he's freaking out??? Please don't tell me years, I will cry.

Guess what else, I have thrush again and my breasts are in agony. This also means that I can't pump because then the milk will be tainted so I can't store up milk and get someone else to watch him so that I can have a break when I'm starting to lose my mind.

Am I weak? Why is this so hard for me? Do other people really feel like this? Lately it's been so hard I think one child sounds like the perfect amount. I'm so tired of dealing with problem after problem. I know I've said this before but how do people stay home with tons of kids and not go insane? Or is Kiernan really THAT much harder that other kids?

Alright, I should say some positive things. Kiernan is 8.5 months old now and doing tons of new things I can brag about. Things he does between crying and freaking out ;)

- He can pull himself up if someone holds his hands and will walk while you're holding his hands.
- He imitates sounds and motions. After spending 24 hours with the girls at the cottage he started doing this thing where I thought he was eating something. We soon figured out he was imitating all the chewing and talking he'd seen. haha
- he's waving! it looks more like when he bang bangs on things, but he'll do it with a little coaxing.
- his new best friend is the baby that hangs out in all the mirrors around town. He LOVES that baby! :)

I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow. Or the day after ;)


Vicky said...

I think you've got a particularly tough baby. You are not weak, you are human! No one could withstand everything you go through on a daily basis and not have it get to them. Things will get better soon.

Lara said...

My mother-in-law came and got Kiernan this afternoon so I could have a little break - yay.
It's so hard to feel so thrown. I'm also choosing to believe I'm pmsing because my hormones have made me PSYCHO the last few months right before my period.

Lindsay said...

For my kids, crying got a little better when they started crawling, and a lot better when they started walking. Roanen still gets hysterical at least once a day though, which gets really frustrating. I'll venture a guess that everything will get a lot better with Kiernan around a year old, and will be fabulous for at least a year after that. Then you'll get toddler issues, especially if you have another one around then ;) Take all the help you can get right now (grrr I'm jealous that drannie lives way closer to you) and enjoy the happy-baby times while you're at home, because that's probably all you'll remember when you go back to work. Like childbirth :)