Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I think Kiernan's got the sign for more!! woohoo! So exciting!! He's really starting to catch on to sign language! We've got the waving, we think he might be getting the gist of "all done" and more (which he does by putting his hands on top of each other on the highchair instead of fingers together in the air, but whatever) was happening pretty consistently for some smushed banana today.

Can you tell I'm excited? Cuz I am!
Cuz now he's going to be communicating regularly and I'm not going to be so confused all the time, right? :)


Vicky said...

Your son is a GENIUS!

oh amanda said...

My daughter is 16 months and still does sign language. It's one of the best things ever! Keep it up! You'll be surprised at how quickly he learns. My daughter just learned "sandwich" and it is the cutest!

Paul N said...

Awesome! I never realized sign language is such a great option at that age, but it definitely makes life easier for you - and shows how smart your little one is.
Something to be proud about for sure, very exciting!

Lindsay said...

It was such a relief when Roanen started to use sign language. It was fun for Josey too (and he used it well beyond when he could say everything - he just signed at the same time), but when you have a child whose idea of communicating "more", "all done", and anything else is by simply screaming, having them sign instead is a godsend. Now that you're able to understand just that one sign, he'll figure it out really quick because it means he can get his needs across. Right on Kiernan and Mommy!