Tuesday, May 15, 2007

BC - day 1

Juggling the stroller, the car seat, the laptop bag, the camera bag, the diaper bag and one huge suitcase, not to mention a baby, was a bit of a struggle, but we figured it out - man traveling with a baby takes a lot of stuff. I once remember taking a week long trip with only carry on! :)

Although a lady sat down in our row with us on our plane not looking thrilled to be seated next to a baby, it turned out she was in the wrong seat so we actually had 3 seats to ourselves. Kiernan wanted the window seat.

Kiernan fell asleep on take-off which was lovely! :) He slept for about an hour and a quarter on my lap. Overall the flight from Ottawa to Vancouver went really well - the screaming baby wasn't mine and I felt bad for those parents and happy K was doing so well. He had a big lunch of squash on the plane, had another nap, socialized with people on the plane and seemed to enjoy landing.

We had five hours to kill in BC so we went for lupper because there hadn't been anything on the plane I could eat so I only had the few snacks I'd thought to buy right before boarding. Then we went outside and walked around a bit.

Things started going downhill after this as we had another 3 hours to kills and Kiernan was getting tired. I got him to sleep in the mei tai for about 40 minutes while we were waiting but he woke up about 45 minutes before we boarded the last plane. I hoped he would fall asleep on takeoff again this time, but no such luck. He didn't sleep the entire trip to Smithers and this time *I* was the one with the fussy baby. But I lucked out and was surrounded by the friendliest people ever. The flight was full so there was no getting away from folks. I sat next to a mining executive who kept taking Kiernan and letting him drool all over him. Kiernan loved him and kept wanting to go back for more games. Other women on the plane wanted turns holding K too but our mining exec had dibs ;) I tried getting K to sleep bouncing in the back of the plane, bouncing in the front of the plane behind the curtain, nursing in my seat, nursing in the bathroom. Nothing. He finally fell asleep in the truck at 11pm our time. Needless to say he was a mess. But he slept pretty well and seems to be in fairly good spirits this morning. He slept until 5:20 BC time which is pretty good considering his dad only made it until 5:30 the morning before :)
We're about to go out for breakfast before Eric has to go to work, then it'll be time for Kiernan to have a nap and we'll go and figure out what to do with ourselves. I'm looking forward to exploring Smithers.


Vicky said...

I knew Kiernan would be a hit on the plane! :) I'm glad you arrived safely!

Lida said...

Kiernan looks like he was born to fly...made himself really comfortable didn't he?