Friday, May 04, 2007

Monkey boy

Kiernan is turning into quite the little monkey. Although he isn't crawling or scooting yet, he is definitely interested in not staying in the same place all the time!!
In the mornings we often put k into bed with us, he's probably 2 feet down from the headboard so. Well apparently our headboard is fascinating (he has good taste, it's what sold me on the set as well!) and he reaches, and twists and "snakes" his way until he reach up and touch it!
He also won't sit still when being changed, dressed, on your lap, etc. He twists, turns, and usually ends up on his belly whining because he's got himself stuck in a position he isn't exactly thrilled about. I don't think it'll be long now until he figures out how to propel himself quite handily. I'm just hoping it doesn't happen until after we're home from BC.
This was him yesterday at the grocery store (look, it's like I'm sneaking in extra entries to the treasure hunt ;)

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Vicky said...

Kiernan has the most expressive face!