Sunday, May 06, 2007

Photo treasure hunt - week of May 6

People are playing my game! YAY!

There are still some bugs to be worked out since so far only 2/5 of the photos added to the flickr group can be seen by people who aren't logged in to flickr and a member of the group. But we will figure it out!! And I posted a flickr banner on the sidebar of the blog that shows some of them! Woohoo.

So this week is supposed to be fabulous! Well Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday are anyways! So this week the photo to get is the ByWard Market.

Invite your friends to join!! The more pictures the better I figure! And if people want to make it a group outing the Market one day this week, I'm sure we could figure that out as well.

If anyone visiting wants to play and doesn't live in Ottawa, there must be a market where you live? We'd love to see a picture of your kid(s) at it!

I'll post my picture here when I have it. Everyone should post a comment once their picture is uploaded with a url to their picture so we can put a baby face to a name.


Paul N said...

I'd like to give a request for a photo location - the tulips at Dow's Lake (or any Tulip location for that matter) ! Not to suggest that i'll be able to do it but hey, why not! :)

Jenn said...

I don't think I am going to be able to do this one... Darn not being on Mat leave anymore!!!

Jenn said...

Messy Jacob