Monday, May 21, 2007

BC/Alberta days 7&8

Checking out of the Guest Inn and Suites, ready to make the last leg of our trip.

Here in Alberta we like to play a game called "where's the car?" (they're almost as hard to find as Waldo ;)

Talk about a different landscape! Those mountains disappear fast!

We went straight to the West Edmonton mall. Which was cool, but not really geared for people with babies. You would have a blast with older kids though (6-12)

We spent Monday with my aunt touring around some local malls. Kiernan isn't too much of a ham eh? ;)

So sleepy, time for a nap.

After this we woke up, went for dinner - started at Tony Roma's where we found out all their rib sauce has soy protein (BLAH) so we went to Wendy's instead and came back to the room and went to bed. We're going to spend our last day in Edmonton sightseeing - maybe going to a zoo! fun :)


Paul N said...

Good ole West Ed Mall.. it is so much fun there! But I confess, that was many many years before I had a baby to tag along so i'm sure your experience was slightly different.

Tony Roma's! I won't go on about how wicked that place was I guess. ;)

Vicky said...

Was there a nursing room at the mall? Probably not as awesome as the one at Place D'Orleans?