Monday, May 28, 2007

Photo treasure hunt - May 28

This week's photo is "in the tulips". I didn't go to the tulips and I think they're mostly gone so I'm going to have to be creative with this one :)
Drannie to the rescue. Kiernan was visiting with her this afternoon (to give overwhelmed mama a break) and she has tulips in her garden. tada!

For anyone who didn't get their photo in for last week, feel free to still add it (mirror), or the alternate (messy). I'm going to put people's name in the draw for the bibs for each submission they made over the course of the month as opposed to only people who submitted each week. So play!

Find out what this photo treasure hunt is all about at my original post.

The bibs up for grab (I still have to add the velcro, but they're practically done :)


Shona said...

He may like to scream, but he sure is a cutie!

Vicky said...

Here's Joel and Daddy in the mirror: Mirror

Jenn said...

Jacob in the Tulips!