Tuesday, May 15, 2007

BC - day two

Day two started out well. Kiernan slept pretty well considering. I took a photo out our window - what a view!

Our truck

Kiernan's nest. Perfect for sleeping and playing.

After getting a map from the front desk Kiernan and I went out exploring. Talk about some amazing views as we headed out to a tourist spot!

This was about the time when I thought "where the hell am I and will anyone find me out here??" ;)

Then I found our spot - perfect for going for a hike and exploring a canyon full of fossils!

But Kiernan was still getting over jet lag so I had to settle for staying around the truck.

Again though, it was all worth it just for the views!

In the afternoon I went for a walk and Kiernan fell asleep in the meitai. Thank goodness because it was the only way I got him to sleep other than the truck yesterday. Two laps around the hotel got him to sleep for the night :)

This is our first attempt for this week's treasure hunt photo :)

Wednesday we're going to go out exploring some more, maybe check out some stuff I heard about at the tourist info. Like the pregnancy/well-baby group the girl at the center suggested. (ha ha ha) Ok no, we're going to see some waterfalls or something I think. Check in tomorrow for more photo-journaling :)


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous family.
Gorgeous views.
Looks like BC is doing you good.

Paul N said...

Wonderful views - is this your first time out West?