Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Field trip to the Market

Yesterday was a gorgeous day so three of us and our little guys headed to the market to get out ByWard Market photos!!!
We started out having lunch where Kiernan added food to his snotty face:

Then I realized that I dressed him too warm, so I had to take off his sweatshirt and he was in an undershirt. I put him in Vicky's baby hawk so that Joel could recline in the stroller and while I was taking pictures of Lionel:

I hear Vicky say "Kiernan! No!"
Guess who has shoved a handful of flowers that he helped himself to off a planter I was standing next to into his mouth. So Vicky dug the flowers out of his mouth while he was up on my back which caused him to get really angry and cry.

So by the time we got Kiernan out of the baby hawk and onto the ground for his photo in the market, he probably couldn't have looked much rougher! Oh, and I quickly pulled his hat off so you could see his face, so his "do" is fabulous too!

This one is probably the best:

Then we got a few photos of Vicky and Joel:

and got Kiernan back into the baby hawk, this time on my hip, where he promptly fell asleep:

Maybe we'll try again later this week.. we'll see :)


Vicky said...

I nearly had a heart attack when I saw Kiernan with a mouth full of purple flowers!

Vicky said...
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