Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Treasure hunt - one more time

So I am changing the treasure hunt up a bit, because I realize that one week to get to a specific location isn't always feasible. So here is how it's going to work.
At the beginning of each month I am going to pick a subject for each week and announce it right away. That way you have all month to try and get the fourth one and you can work ahead a bit. I will also include a fifth subject that will be the "alternate" for the month. If you absolutely can't get one of the other options, you can use the alternate. The alternate will come up again as one of the weekly subjects later on.
I will still post the specific subject on the Sunday night (or Monday morning) with the subject for that week and you should add a comment to that post once you have your photo, pointing people to go and look at it.
Anyone who has completed all four subjects (or 3 and the alternate) should then email me at the end of the month at with the links to all four photos and then you will be entered into a draw to win 2 bibs (I'm in PR, I know prizes get people to do things :) I will post the photos of the first two bibs as soon as possible.

week of May 7 - Market
week of May 14 - Picture of the whole family
week of May 21 - Baby/child in the mirror
week of May 28 - In the tulips
Alternate: messy

So what do people think? Do you think this will work better for more people?


Paul N said...

Do we get bonus points if we can take a single picture of:

A messy Picture of the whole family amongst tulips in the market, as taken through a mirror..

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAH Paul cracks me up.
I don't have a baby, but I think that these new rules make it a lot easier for people to participate.

Vicky said...

Great idea! I like having the notice. I was thinking, what if we had a contest to win points for each photo? And then at the end of the year who ever has the most points wins? The only problem with that is, how do we determine which photo wins? We'd obviously pick our own baby each time wouldn't we! Plus I can't compete with your fancy-schmancy camera!

Danielle Bennett said...

I think that works a lot better - some weeks I can get out more than others, this probably happens to others too!

Vicky said...
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Vicky said...

Here's my photo in the market: