Monday, May 14, 2007

Off we go!

Kiernan and I are off for BC this morning to meet up with Eric who is already there for business. We will be staying in a small town up in the mountains for the first 5 days and then we will be driving through the mountains to Edmonton and flying home from there next Wednesday. It should be quite an adventure! :)

Smithers, the town we'll be in for the beginning is "a town of 6000 people and is a regional service center for the entire Bulkley Valley. Because of this, Smithers offers many more amenities than you would normally see in a town of this size. From its position in the Bulkley Valley, Smithers is set against the backdrop of the Hudson Bay Mountain to the west and the Babine Mountain range to the east."

Expect to see lots of photos as we progress through the week. I will have the laptop and hopefully some internet connection (I've already been informed by Eric it's less than I thought it would be) and will be letting people know what we're up to.

Kiernan and I are very much looking forward to being reunited with daddy after being apart for 3 days!!

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Vicky said...

Yay have fun!! Can't wait to see the pics. Joel and I will miss seeing you and Kiernan almost daily!