Monday, May 21, 2007

Teething sucks

You know what sucks being a first time mom? Not knowing how bad things can get and therefore wondering how far along the scale you are. Does that make sense?
Kiernan has been teething, for what now feels like forever. I swear I've been expecting those top two teeth for any second now for about 3 weeks! And then 3 days ago I noticed a bottom tooth to the left of his two current teeth had cut through!
So anyhow, Kiernan has been very uncomfortable and it's been getting progressively worse. He won't sleep at night for all the howling and grabbing at his ears. He pulls at his ears and whines during the day too. And Eric has a bit of a cold. So doubt starts to wiggle itself in to my strong belief that the ear pulling is a direct result of the teething. "geez, what if it's an ear infection. mining executive told me about how he knew a kid who couldn't have dairy who had BURST his ear drum three times by the time he was 10 because he had so many ear infections. we're flying in 2 days and that affects your ears. If he has an ear infection and it's NOT just teething...."
So we went to a clinic where I felt like a lameass when nothing was wrong. Kiernan was happy as a clam.
Oh well. I'm glad nothing is wrong and I don't need to worry about his ear drums bursting on the flights home. But god do I ever want all of his teeth to be in so we dont have to deal with the fits!

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Danielle Bennett said...

Hey lara,

For what it's worth, I think you did the smart thing - better to take him to clinic (and nothing's wrong) than not go....(blissfully, she takes pity on Lara and does not fill in an alarming but possible scenario).

In response to your question, yes, teething does suck, so I've been told.